Smart Lights

Lighting is a crucial aspect of our homes. It can help to create a specific mood, highlight an area of your home, or even make it appear occupied when you’re away. The right lighting can help wake you up or make you feel more relaxed. Unfortunately, not all homes make the most of natural light, but smart lighting can provide a solution.

A smart lighting installation can be preprogrammed to illuminate the heavy traffic areas as you enter your home or can be triggered with a sensor, so they only come on as you need them. This creates incredible cost-saving and environmental benefits.

Smart light bulb setup

Smart light bulbs can be controlled by your hub or smartphone app, but this technology has come a long way since it was introduced a few years ago. Today, these bulbs are brighter, more compact, and have a better color representation. This will help you to find the perfect tone to complement your home and aesthetic.

Services Included

  • Setup of hub(if required)
  • Up to 4 Bulbs
  • App Configuration
  • Tutorial

Providing the Best Smart Lights Solutions to Our Clients in the lower mainland.